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Monitor hatte bereits zuvor als Hinleitung auf die Crisis einige Gastauftritte in anderen Comicserien von DC. Er schien da zunächst ein neuer Superschurke zu sein, da er u. a. Schurken mit Waffen versorgte. Der Monitor arbeitete jedoch an einem Plan, um das Multiversum vor der Vernichtung durch den Anti-Monitor zu retten. Unter der Leitung des. Anti-Monitor est né il y a des milliers d’années en même temps que Monitor à la suite d'une expérience de Krona. Celui-ci tentait de découvrir la naissance de l’univers, mais l’expérience échoua et l’univers fut scindé en un millier d’univers, le multivers. L'Anti-Monitor est donc. L'Anti-Monitor si trova correntemente su Qward, dove fu affrontato dalla Lanterna Bianca Boston Brand. New 52. L'Anti-Monitor ricompare nel nuovo Universo DC al termine di Forever Evil: si scopre che ha assorbito tutte le anime di Terra-3 per creare un esercito di shadow demons, e che adesso vuole raggiungere Terra-Prime per conquistarla.

Monitor pôde salvar o Pariah e possivelmente não o deixou morrer e sempre é puxado de onde o Anti-Monitor estava a ponto de atacar e cria um satélite inteiro sediada fora do nada. Aparentemente, ele não pôde criar o universo protetor sem morrer primeiro, embora isto pode ter sido porque ele não teve tempo para propor um plano menos letal. Mighty Mouse, também da Marvel, continha outra paródia "Anti-Minotauro". [4] O Antimonitor figura na edição 32 Junho de 2007 da animação Justice League Unlimited. O Monitor e o Antimonitor ambos aparecem na edição 12 Março de 2009 Tiny Titans. Referências. No one, that is, except for the Anti-Monitor. When the Multiverse was in its infancy, a disruption in its development resulted in the birth of two beings—the Monitor and the Anti-Monitor. The Anti-Monitor first made his home in the Antimatter Universe, but once he conquered all of it, he set his sights on the rest of the Multiverse. 03.09.2016 · Uma verdadeira batalha de gigantes. De um lado, representando o universo da DC Comics, Anti-Monitor! Do outro lado, representando o universo da Marvel.

21.05.2018 · Anti-Monitor vs MAGNETO - Mugen DC vs Marvel Mugen DC vs Marvel Playlist: Subscribe for more videos now !!! in: Living Characters, Bad Characters, Male Characters, and 29. Black Adam ist ein klassischer Captain Marvel–Gegner. Er hatte seinen ersten Auftritt 1945 in The Marvel Family 1, damals zunächst noch, von 1945 bis 1973, beim Verlag Fawcett Comics. Erst mit Ende des Rechtsstreits um Captain Marvel gingen auch die Rechte an Black Adam an DC Comics über. Geschaffen wurde die Figur von Otto Binder und C.C. Oh Boy!!! Finally someone asked about the Anti-monitor.:D Anti-Monitor wins Hands down. Galactus is powerful,Yes, he eats planets consumes its energy and its is said that "Galactus is a Universal constant i.e. For the universe to survive Galact. Anti-Monitor is a Super Heroes minifigure who appears in LEGO DC Super-Villains. The Anti-Monitor was born at the beginning of the multiverse on the anti-matter universe planet of Qward and was known as Mobius, creator of the Mobius chair that soon came under the ownership of the New God Metron. Image result for darkseid vs anti monitor. Visit. Discover ideas about Anti Monitor. Anti-Monitor and Darkseid and Team Vs Marvel Zombies and Black Lanterns - Battles - Comic Vine. Anti Monitor Black Lantern Green Arrow Dc Universe Savage. More information.

Thanos vs the Anti-Monitor by George Perez it's like galactus vs darkseid reversed if you just take a look at these guys background marvel dc by byrne thanos vs antimonitor by g. perez byon @deviantART See more. Lifebringer Galactus basically has all of Anti-Moniter's powers besides mind control and transmutation, but to an higher extent and he has more powers and abilities that the anti-moniter can't protect himself from it, such as Matter, Physics, Perception, Soul/Empathic, Spatial, Gravity, and Memory Manipulations.

Главная » Комиксы » Anti-Monitor. Все комиксы с Anti-Monitor. На данной странице вы найдёте все выпуски комиксов о Anti-Monitor, комиксы в которых участвовал герой или появлялся всего на. In tempi più moderni, l'essere noto come Pariah eseguì un esperimento simile a quello che Krona tentò di fare tempo fa su una Terra parallela. Questo esperimento risvegliò sia Monitor che l'Anti-Monitor, e la causò la distruzione della Terra e dell'universo di Pariah. L'Anti-Monitor ricostruì la. 09.12.2015 · Both travel in the Multiverse, both are wants the end of life, both meet eachother. Both have full prior knowledge about eachother. Victory by death or K.O. The Anti-Monitor will make his Arrowverse debut on the upcoming "Crisis on Infinite Earths" crossover special. Recently, his portrayer, LaMonica Garrett, spoke to CBR and discussed just how comics accurate this version of the Anti-Monitor is.

Crisis on Infinite Earths – Wikipedia.

Abraxas is one of the greatest threats of the marvel universe, unleashed when Galactus died briefly in the prime universe. He causes universes to begin to collapse simply by approaching them and, as antithesis to Eternity, represents the physical Embodiment of Destruction. The Anti-Monitor is. 10.12.2019 · Marvel & DC: Your place to find the builds listed alphabetically. A:-----Abraxas Acroyear Micronauts Aleta Amazing Man I Amazo American Dream MC2 American Son Amethyst Anarky Andrew Bennett Andromeda LSH Angel II Angel IIb Angela Anti Monitor Anti Monitor super charged Anti-Vision Apocalypse Apollo Aquaman Archangel Arcturus Rann. Crisis On Infinite Earths Image Reveals First Look At Anti-Monitor. A new Crisis on Infinite Earths image offers a first look at LaMonica Garrett as the villainous Anti-Monitor.

  1. 26.07.2018 · Hope you guys enjoy ! Been meaning to do this for a while lol.
  2. Only an idiot would think that anti-monitor could destroy the Marvel University. The Celestials of which there are thousands feed off of and consume anti-matter. One celestial which is larger than anti-monitor which power themselves and feed off o.

Anti Monitor v.s Marvel's top 10 biggest hitters. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. When the Ultimates were making a visit there, they encountered the Anti-Man, to Blue Marvel's surprise. Blue Marvel initially decided to kill the Anti-Man, claiming that he was too dangerous and powerful, though he also appeared to wish to kill him in revenge for the lives he took. 06.10.2016 · Most likely. I recall the old DC Multiverse that the Anti-Monitor took years to destroy number only in the thousands. Last time I checked, the Marvel Multiverse clocks in at 28,744,923,048,932 based on the highest numeral used to describe a Marvel universe. The Anti-Monitor, real name Mobius, is one of the three sons of Perpetua, created when she tore pieces from the Overvoid to shape into her children. He existed before the first version of the DC Multiverse was finished being created, and was made in order to guard the boundaries of Creation from.

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