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PHP - Mit unset den Inhalt einer Variablen löschen. Well, what unset does is clears up the memory associated with a variable name. In the case of static variables, however, what you can visualize as happening is separating the static variable from the scope of the function, and every time you call the function, you automatically get a copy of that variable. PHP unset Example unset Function In PHP Tutorial is today’s topic. The unset terminates the specified variables. If the globalized variable is unset inside of the function, only a local variable.

Unset requires the actual variable as a parameter, not just a string representation. Which is similiar to what get_defined_vars returns not the actual variable reference. So the code goes through the array of strings, and returns each as a reference using the extra $ in front - which unset can use. GET Request and the $_GET variable are on two different layers. When your user gets directed to mywebpage.php, there is data passed through get.

30.10.2015 · The function stays but the bulky data goes. Note that when you unset a variable, it is up to PHP's garbage collector to decide when the memory will be freed. And freeing the memory takes CPU cycles away from your application. I really cannot see any PHP script that would require unsetting a. As the question asks, How do I unset POST values? Is there a way it can be done? How do I unset POST values? PHP. BJ_Duncan. August 30, 2014. the difference between unset and = null. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 11. I think it might be related to variables being values in PHP yes, I said that: internally variables are objects. So there might be a difference between "setting the value of a variable to null" and "deleting a variable" in terms of cleanup. but that is just wild speculation on my part; – user166390 Dec 2 '12. 05.11.2018 · And, of course, you can unset values. Note, though, that modifying $_GET is often not considered as good-practice: when one reads some code, he expects what's in $_GET to come from the parameters in the URL -- and not from your code. 03.09.2005 · du speicherst die variable die per post übertragen wird in der Session am Server und vergleichst dann vor dem db eintrag die Post Variable mit der Session variablen. wenn die variablen gleich sind, kein eintrag, ansonsten soll eingetragen werden. beispiel.

First of all you should be clear that unset is not only for session variables, rather it is for all the variables in php which will unset the variables passed it. As already Dan said, session.

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